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Lili Design Co. is a full service interior design firm specializing in residential and select commercial interiors, founded by Rehanna Leong (formerly Hartung). Lili Design Co. works to curate interiors that are personal, inviting, and simply feel good.


Lili Design Co. does everything from layout and permit drawings to construction coordination and furniture procurement. We have a passion for transforming spaces and draw on our experience and education to thoughtfully design each project, tailored to each clients specific lifestyle.


Our aesthetic can be described as modern organic, layered with classic elements and the refined simplicity of minimalism with a laid-back coastal attitude. 


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kind words

When we decided to renovate our house, we quickly realized we were out of our depth and needed help. We had never hired a designer before, but hiring Lili Design Co. was the best decision we could have made! They became an indispensable, trusted compass throughout the process with their creative talent, eye for detail, and ability to optimize functional space in ways we had never considered. We get so many compliments on their work. And they made it so much fun! It's like magic seeing how they transform a space to become both more functional and more beautiful.

We are working on our second project with them, and they continue to be an absolute dream and total joy to work with. They add a level of beauty to a space that we never dreamed possible, one that you feel every time you walk into the room. Besides being talented and creative and having an amazing design aesthetic, they are also just wonderful people. True professionals. They are a total gem of a company, I cannot recommend them enough!


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